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Happy 4 Years to Us! How We Celebrated Our Anniversary During Quarantine

We are now going on almost two months of being trapped in the house. I started working from home full-time indefinitely on St. Patrick’s Day, but Myles works at the airport so he’s considered essential and still has to go in and work his shifts. We only leave the house to go grocery shopping on Monday’s but other than that we are trying to practice social distancing as much as possible.

You can just imagine my disappointment with knowing our four year anniversary was going to have to be uneventful, but Myles promised to still make it special, and he did exactly that!

History of Us

Myles and I started dating when I was finishing up my junior year at the University of Miami. I was working at Olive Garden in Cutler Bay when he transferred down from Jersey, and I started liking him soon after that. He was just so cute and he would always smile at me and say hi at the beginning of the shift and then bye before he went home! I was smitten lol.

We started texting soon after that and went on a couple dates before officially becoming a couple on May 9th, 2016. We dated for the rest of my time in college and moved into our first place together in Wynwood, where we subleased the cutest studio for the summer! Soon after that, I got my first reporting job in Tri-Cities, WA and I moved by myself initially, and then he came two months later. We survived two years there before making it to Minneapolis, where we live with our dog, cheesecake.

If you’ve been around Myles and I, you know we have a funny, crazy relationship. We love to roast each other, we argue about the dumbest topics, insult each other, everything. But at the same time, we are as in love as it gets. We cuddle all the time. We have deep talks about movies, books, current issues. We’ve shared things with one another that we’ve never told anyone else. We hate being apart more than anything. He truly is my best friend. These four years have been some of the best of my life, and I can only hope it’s in our cards to be together forever.


Our anniversary fell on a Saturday this year, which I was so excited for before COVID-19 took over the planet! Normally, we do a nice dinner on our actual anniversary and then we go on a trip the week of Memorial Day for a real celebration. Since we couldn’t go to dinner or on our trip this year, we had to improvise, and it surprisingly turned out amazing.

Myles told me I needed to be ready around 12/1pm-ish for lunch, and he said to dress casual. It was a little chilly, so I did jeans, a turtle neck and boots and we were off. We stopped at Panera Bread along the way for food and then went to Minnehaha Falls, a beautiful park with a waterfall that I had no idea was so close to where we were living! It was only a 15 minute drive from our place.

Once there, Myles and I found an empty picnic table and set everything up. He thought ahead and had a table cloth, plastic cups for the wine and beer we snuck in, and the cutest activity. We ate lunch first since we were starving and then opened presents. I bought Myles a pair of sneakers while he bought me some things from Victoria’s Secret and work pants, which I desperately need for when we can finally go back to the office.

Our cute little lunch setup.

I thought we were going to just have a couple more drinks but Myles actually had an activity planned. He ordered a take-home paint and sip kit from Pinot’s Palette. It came with two canvases, paint and step by step instructions! I loved it so much. Neither of us are artistic but we had so much fun painting and it was really cute that he even came up with this.

The take home kit came with everything we needed minus the brushes, which Myles purchased from Dollar Tree.

After we finished our paintings, it was starting to drizzle so we decided to pack up and go. Myles dropped me off at the apartment and he went to buy groceries for dinner he was going to make.

Earlier in the week, I grabbed things to decorate the house with. I went to one of my favorite stores, Dollar Tree, and bought a banner that said “Best Day Ever”, a “love” balloon, a number “4” balloon, red and gold balloons and streamers. I moved quickly and decorated the house and it ended up being a cute little backdrop for pictures!

Not pictured: the streamers I hung up lol

After Myles got back, he made shrimp alfredo for dinner and we sipped on some white claws, enjoying each other’s company after a successful quarantined anniversary.

Tips for Anyone Celebrating Anything During Quarantine

I understand there’s different types of people when it comes to social distancing. There are people who are going to extremes to practicing it, those moderately practicing it and those not practicing it at all. Myles and I are slightly above moderating practicing it. Besides our daily runs and weekly grocery store trips, we don’t leave the house. So we knew that however we wanted to spend it, it would include us social distancing as much as possible. From what we experienced and planned, I have a couple tips for anyone planning anything special during COVID-19, but still want to social distance.

  1. Look into state parks around you
    Most states have a website listing what their state parks are, and there are a lot of hidden gems everywhere. When I lived in Washington, there were so many state parks within an hour drive from where we lived! Even now, in Minneapolis, I never would have guessed there’d be a park with a beautiful waterfall so close to us. State parks may still be a little crowded, like ours was, but we sat in our own area and had no contact with anyone else.
  2. Rearrange the furniture and decorate
    I’m sure you’re probably tired of seeing the inside of your apartment, house, etc by now, so a simple rearrangement can really help change things around. When I decorate our place for our anniversary, I moved the table and had so many decorations. It was so nice to just have something else to look at it and it made things way more romantic, all for the price of $10.
  3. Look into take-home kits businesses are offering
    Most businesses have changed up their products to cater to those staying home. For example, Pinot’s Palettes is normally a sip and wine business that hosts classes where people can bring wine and paint. With the stay-at-home order in place, they’ve switched to providing complete kits to do on your own at home as well as virtual classes that people can partake in. I recommend thinking of things you like to do and searching to see if there’s any stay at home or virtual element that businesses are providing!

Even though a lot of places are closed and there’s not much to do, this was one of my favorite anniversaries with Myles. We were forced to get creative and it paid off so well. In my opinion, still finding ways to safely celebrate anything during this pandemic is even more romantic and shows how much you care about one another.

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