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Weight On It

Weight… the dreaded subject. It’s something I HAVE to pay attention to. All the women in my family are like this. If we slip up and don’t workout and eat bad for too long, we’ll blow up. That’s just our genes unfortunately.

I was pretty average in high school, playing soccer and tennis helped and I didn’t have too much of an appetite so I had an average build, skinnier during the fall and spring and then probably a little heavier during the winter. I remained tiny throughout my freshman year of college. The dining hall food was so bad that instead of gaining 15 pounds, I lost 15 pounds. I was crazy skinny. Looking back at old pics, my stomach was nice and thin but I had no shape. I hated that body.

Hated being this skinny 🤢

Sophomore year, things changed drastically. I started going out several times a week, drinking, partying and having the most fun I ever had. I was still working out consistently, but that wasn’t enough for the amount of alcohol and late night fast food runs. I gained about 20 pounds I’d say. Initially, I hated it, but I grew to like it. My stomach wasn’t as lean but my thighs were thicker and I finally got a booty on me. I probably stayed that same weight up until the year I graduated college.

Healthier me lol

The summer after I graduated, I finally dedicated myself to working out consistently and eating right. I tried to follow a meal plan a friend posted about it with bland food that I got bored of, but I lost 11 pounds in just four weeks! I was in love with seeing my body change. I eventually gained the weight back when I moved to Tri-Cities.

This time I was prepared to lose the weight the right way. I ate healthy, delicious meals I enjoyed. I worked out every morning. In about thre months, I lost almost 20 pounds. I was back to my high school weight. Everyone told me I looked great when they saw me. But when I look back at old pictures, I didn’t like that body. I was too skinny. I don’t like being skinny. I like having curves and being voluptuous.

When I lost 25 pounds in 2018

I stayed at that weight up until the end of the year and naturally gained some weight during the winter when I took some time off for the holidays. I got back to it again when it got warmer, and was 10 pounds heavier than my high school weight, but looked the healthiest I ever was. I loved that body. I still had my curves and even had my upper abs poking out in pictures. To this day, that body is the one I want back.

Now, I gained the weight back and then some. I’m easily the heaviest I’ve ever been and I’m not happy or proud to say that. I stopped working out and can even say I was a little depressed during my final months in Tri-Cities. I was drinking a lot, eating horribly. I was so unhealthy and felt like I was stuck in a nightmare and couldn’t get out.

Finally, after being fed up with how I was living, I’ve started my health journey again, promising myself to never fall off again. Although gyms are closed, I’m running about 2 miles a day, pushing myself to beat the previous time everyday, then running hills and doing either an ab or butt circuit or both. I’m drinking green tea, drinking lots of water, cut out sweets and grains. I’m determined to come out of this quarantine looking better. Now is the best time to get right, I’m excited to share my progress with you all!

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  1. My weight fluctuated in college as well! I gained the freshman 15lbs. I am now focused on eating a balanced, plant-based diet and working out.

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