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Stilettos Only

One thing I really miss about not being quarantined is getting my nails done! 😦 If you know me, I’ve always been obsessed with nails. However, when I worked at Subway during high school, I wasn’t allowed to have them, and even if I did, the liquid from all the food would have ruined them in just a couple days time.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I started serving at TGI Friday’s and could finally get my nails done. I eased into it at first, only getting gel manicures with little cute designs. It wasn’t until I was working at Olive Garden that I decided to get acrylics.

The moment I decided on acrylics, I knew I wanted stilettos. They were the sexiest shape and could make any style look good. I got them done in February 2016 and haven’t looked back to this day.

My first time ever getting stilletos!

I went through two nail techs in Miami, one nail tech in Tri-Cities and am using one in Minneapolis now. Her name is Claws by Cede and she is so talented, definitely my favorite nail tech so far, and she’s only done my nails twice! I’m so excited to get my nails done with her again, and will be posting all the fun nail trends her and I try out together.

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