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My Skincare Journey

If you knew me in high school, you know I had horrible skin. If you didn’t know me back then, be glad. I want to say it started around sophomore year. I broke out on my cheeks and forehead. And when I say break out, I mean inflamed whiteheads all over. I just wrote it off as being a teenager, but it stuck around for the next couple of years and my mom eventually decided to take me to a dermatologist.

My acne on my cheeks and forehead was terrible during high school.

The dermatologist helped a lot. I was finally starting to see progress. My skin cleared up a ton once I moved to Miami for school too. I think it was probably the humidity that helped keep my skin hydrated. Even now, as a 24-year-old adult, I rarely break out, and when I do, it’s a pimple or two in a random place on my face.

My skin now. These are all scars from back when I had acne so it’s a smooth surface with no bumps. I also have some redness.

However, I am left with scars on my face from my high school days, and some redness as well. I didn’t think there was anything that could be done about it, but I started doing more research into skincare. I realized if clear skin was something I wanted, it’s a full time job. I can’t wash my face and moisturize and be done. I need to dedicate both time and money to get my skin cleared up, but I was waiting for the right time to do so.

I’m happy to say that as of last month, I was finally ready to invest in my skin. I found a lady in Minneapolis, about five minutes from my house, who is an esthetician and is passionate about healthy skin. Her business is Skin by Sunni and I had my first customized facial (only $87!) with her in February. Unfortunately, COVID-19 started getting worse in the U.S. so I haven’t been to her since, but right when salons are allowed to open I plan on getting a customized facial with her monthly.

She also gave me a list of recommended products as well as a skincare routine to follow. I am in the process of getting those products from her and will make a separate post when I have them that details what my routine is, along with my official “before” pictures so I can track my progress with how well everything works.

I’m so excited to start this journey and hopefully I can motivate any of you who want to start their journey to healthy skincare!

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